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The Technology Behind L'Brise

Salon-Grade Luxury Hair Tools

Greatest Hair Tool Since 1872

Redefining Hair Tool Design

Effortless Style. Damage-Free.

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Does this have all the same functions as D*son and other brands?

Yes! It has similar or more advanced functions as the leading coanda air stylers on the market. L'Brise offers the highest quality at a fraction of the cost of other brands.

Can you go from wet to dry?

Yes! No more waiting for your hair to be completely dry before styling. Simply grab a section that is 80-90% dry and use the styling tool to shape it the way you want to.

If your hair is already dry, then use a spray to slightly dampen the section and style with air.  When you dampen your hair, you are able to reshape the hydrogen bonds in your hair with the coanda effect as the section of hair wraps and dries around the barrels.

This gives you the perfect Blowout Look every time!

Does it regulate temperature so it doesn't damage your hair?

Yes! L'Brise Blowout Styler regulates the temperature 100 times per minute, keeping it well below 273°. This allows you to style hair with air, not damaging heat. No keratin damage like normal curling wands.

Is it easy? "I'm not great at styling hair"